Damian Lillard

posted by BLVCKMVRKET June 21, 2019

Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard releases a diss track titled “MARVINNNNNN???” on Soundcloud in response to a challenge thrown at him by Marvin Bailey III, who is forward for the Sacremento Kings. 

The battle between the two players occurred earlier today when Bagley appeared on the “First Take” talk show, where he claimed that between him and Lillard, he is the best emcee in the NBA, and he says that if Lillard were to ever want to battle to see, he’d be all for it. Damian then later responded on Twitter about the challenge, and according to how he responded, he accepted Bagley’s challenge.

In a matter of hours, Damian Lillard dropped his diss track on Soundcloud, where he throws hurtful bars such as:

“…was about to pass because you’re still in a pamper bruh, and I ain’t ever seen Floyd fight with amateurs”

“You a clown, so go in and join the circus, knew deep in the game and you barely scratching the surface,” 

Marvin has not responded to the diss, but in a matter of time it’s likely that he’ll go head-to-head with Damian, and in due time we’ll find out who the real MC rapper of the NBA is.

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