posted by BLVCKMVRKET January 27, 2019

Cole World. 

Jermaine is back with a new single “Middle Child” and his audience couldn’t be any happier. 

This single was first teased by four Instagram posts on J. Cole’s account.

The now deleted posts signified lyrics on the now released song. In the song, Cole raps about how he’s considered in between the old and new generation of rap, thus making him the “middle child.” Despite this, he also thanks the “OGs” of rap for helping him mirror and study their style, create his own flow, and become “the greatest” of the new rap generation.

Shortly after this song’s release, J. Cole tweeted that this year is going to be “tough for all the haters.” 

This new song release shows that J. Cole possibly may release his rumored “The Fall Off” album (which was mentioned in the song, “1985”) and will even soon drop the “Revenge of The Dreamers III” compilation with his Dreamville crew. 

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