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posted by BLVCKMVRKET October 25, 2017

Artist: Kollision
Song Title :Space Cadet
Album: N/A
Instagram: @iam_Kollision
BlvckMvrket got a brief interview with an up and coming artist. Be on the lookout for a full interview with Kollision
Where are you from ?
“I’m atlanta the heart of Atlanta I grew up on the soufside as well ”
When will the album or mixtape be released? (If there is one)
“I will be dropping a tape soon I don’t have a release date just yet”
The single Space Cadet, why name the song that ?
“Lol because I was floating when I made the song ”
Who would you like to work with?
“I don’t have a preference I jus wanna make good music ”
What can people who never heard of you expect ?
“The unexpected”
What label are you with ?
“QC Solidfoundation”

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