Tommy 2 “Gucci 2times”

posted by BLVCKMVRKET September 19, 2017

IMG_2248      September 15, 2017 marks the day Tommy2 drops long awaited music, however it’s just a tease.

Gucci2Times is a project exclusively produced by SheLoveBass aka street famous OGBeata, and his protege Six7.

Immediately starting the mixtape, Tommy2 and SheLoveBass grab you with a heart pumping song, “Head 1st”,that really should be in an action movie soundtrack.

Now that you’re warmed up you will be left with no choice but to move to “Harlem Shake”, but it is nothing like the original. Not only does Tommy2 show off his play on lyrics, artist K. Trill who is a “one take Tony” and Huncho K who has such a unique voice, only add to the head bounce.

“Bobo” shows off Six7’s ability to take a soap opera melody into a dope track. You thought it, and that’s exactly what Bobo shows.


Then it takes a turn to coin a new tag that Tommy made up on site…”Beata beat the beat like Beethoven … Issa classic hoe…” on “Classic”. And when we mean on site, including the beat made from scratch and Tommy writing to it, the team finished “Classic” in one hour.

Now friends we come to an instant street and radio classic. The song was written almost a year ago and still holds true today. Lyrics start as:
“To come up
You stay down
Stay focused hold your ground..
When you’re down bad it’s discouraging
If he’s your brother encourage him
Hoodrich, we all win as a team
No man left behind
Or overseen”

You’re welcome if you needed some assistance for the words. As soon as the beat drops it will continually take you to a place to be reminded and inspired to stay focused and to stay down.

Above all else, let’s be clear, according to SheLoveBass, on of our favorite producers and artist developers, “this is just lightwork.”

So go ahead and give it a listen and try not to press rewind and repeat.


The Mixtape can be found on LiveMixTapes, MyMixTapez, and Spinrilla.


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