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posted by BLVCKMVRKET July 14, 2017

Bo staxx’s mother and father immigrated to to the states at a young age to ensure their children would have a more promising life.

Staxx and both of his brothers were born and raised in the Pebble Creek projects of Austin Texas. Having to face trials and tribulations and being under the financial burden, Staxx’s parents decided to divorce. His mother sought out Fort Worth for a new start with her boys. Staxx adapted to the street life to help his family survive. Staxx’s lyrically relives his risky endeavors and experiences through his music. Along the way Staxx has built a team made up of street gurus and enlightened artists. New Ceza from Detroit is the producer that creates the polished rhythmic sound within the team. Pad100 from Panama, The 100th God and Young Re’y from Fort Worth, and SirThe3rd from Dallas are all brothers on the same movement.

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